Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

goldendale bound

after i invited myself for a visit, johnny and dede were the most gracious of hosts and hostesses. i missed the snow and luckily, the rain. but we had freezing fog which was intriguing. we drove through the hills looking at the windmills, which were beautiful. visited dede at her office way out in the middle of beautiful nowhere.

next day johnny drove me all over hell and back looking for photos - some of which follow this post.

the pacific northwest is a lovely place. i love the trees and the dramatic weather. all kinds of
wildlife. the barge moving up the gorge was the first photo series i took. they had just picked me up from the airport. so sweet to be so patient with my photo obsession.

it was great to visit and we are planning another soon - for sure christmas 2009. can't forget to mention the yummy duck johnny and reggie brought home. 

back home now and super tired. dogs all sleeping at my feet - i missed them.
out to the hot tub in a few minutes and then an early bedtime.

indian pony - horse havens mountains

barbed wire in frozen fog

hawk - horse havens mountains - wa.