Wednesday, April 25, 2007

old trucks

the end of a really long day... took some beautiful images of a friend who is pregnant. i edited them today and just love them. my husband is on the road - michigan - to be exact. so i picked a photo of an old truck that i saw at a car show here in petaluma. who doesn't like old cars? they have an irresistible quality to them. i happen to have one myself and she actually has a name. i never thought i would name a vehicle.
i am committed to making the time to do more photography for myself. it's not something that i have a choice about - it's who i am - it's what i love.

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Anonymous said...

hey i like this one alot. but the little cowboy is really cute too.

please put up more pictures and soooon.

do you have a regular website?


i am only anonymous because i to lazy to fill out one of these forms.