Thursday, December 6, 2007

petaluma adobe

the adobe in petaluma and one of my favorite subjects - cactus.
i love the shapes and that it is sort of a retro plant. reminds me of early california. this was taken with a holga camera and then scanned and tinted and 'painted' in photoshop. i usually print these in the darkroom but i had the neg and wanted to see the image so i opted for the scan. i am pretty satisfied with the image. as a matter of fact i love it. the holga is such a cool little thing. i am so attracted to the way it takes a picture. sometimes i take the plastic piece out of the camera - the piece that defines your borders - then you get an irregular border with very blurry edges and a more noticeable focus in the center. i also love having the ability to tint and image in photoshop. since agfa is no longer a force on the earth i cannot get 118-a and that is a damn shame. the most beautiful paper for just about anything.
so i was checking out a blog the other day from a woman who is not even a photographer and she takes a picture and posts it every so i was thinking it is pretty lame that i am not taking at least a photo a day - sometimes i go a week without taking one. i am going to make it my goal to take at least as many as someone who doesn't do it for a living.

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