Friday, October 24, 2008

Death Valley is Next and We Are in For Some Fun

Poor Ej drives for hours to Death Valley. We get there and we are exhausted and the campsites leave a bit to be desired but we find one. And we get all settled in - there are a few campers around us using tents and two guys on motorcycles in sleeping bags and then a few campers. There is a nice gentle warm breeze blowing and as time goes by the wind is blowing harder, and harder.  After watching the guy next to us place little rocks around his tent, apparently to keep it from blowing over, we decide to go to bed. And as it gets later the wind starts to really crank. It's blowing so hard now that it is rocking the camper. We can't sleep at all - it goes from something like a 40knot wind to relatively calm and then off in the distance you hear it coming again and it all starts over. So finally we wake up at around 3 or so to everyone in tents packing up and leaving which was hysterical to watch. And in the morning we saw the two motorcycle guys walking all over camp gathering their things. They were young so probably hadn't even noticed the wind and thought some ass hole had messed with their stuff.
 That night was like a lifetime and we REALLY wanted to leave. Plus I was getting a cold...

Oh yah, and my Bro will like this: I turn around and EJ has a piece of PVC and a hack saw and he has decided to reconfigure the camper's plumbing - in the middle of Death Valley. He has actually brought along pipe cement. Well I figure this can only be a bad thing. But wouldn't you know it, this is the only time he has worked on pipe and had all the pieces he needed. This will never happen again. 

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