Sunday, October 19, 2008

Figure the Odds!

So we were rushing around all day trying to get everything done and all kinds of things kept happening - clamp broke - forgot this or that - Subaru broke down on last trip to Friedmans - massive amounts of Friday traffic out of this hell hole we call Sonoma (just kidding) and we drive, drive, drive, make numerous stops the next day, make a couple of wrong turns - end up taking the wrong turn-off which diverts us through Death Valley (the long way to Las Vegas) and this is just day one of our trip. And as we come down the hill into Stove Pipe Wells we see a bunch of people around a bus and we are thinking "could that be Glenn and Bev's group - nooooo that would be crazy" and then on the other side of the bus is a very familiar crazy lady jumping up and down and waving  and we were like "hey that looks like Bev"  and what do you know it was Bev - and Glenn too!!

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